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A Complete Guide to Transit Visa for Turkey



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For travelers passing through Turkey en route to their final destination, obtaining a transit visa is essential. A transit visa allows travelers to enter Transit Visa for Turkey for a limited period solely for the purpose of traveling to another country.

Types of Transit Visas Available for Turkey

1. Airport Transit Visa (ATV)

The Airport Transit Visa (ATV) is suitable for travelers who need to change airports in Turkey without leaving the international transit area. This visa does not allow entry into Turkey beyond the airport premises.

2. Transit Visa for Land and Sea Ports

Transit visas for land and sea ports are available for travelers passing through Turkey via land or sea routes. These visas permit entry into Turkey for a specified duration solely for transit purposes.

Eligibility Criteria for Transit Visa

1. Valid Travel Documents

Applicants must possess a valid passport or travel document recognized by Turkey.

2. Confirmed Travel Itinerary

Travelers must provide proof of onward travel, such as flight tickets or travel reservations, demonstrating their intention to transit through Turkey.

3. Visa for Final Destination (if applicable)

If the traveler’s final destination requires a visa, they must hold a valid visa for that country.

How to Apply for a Transit Visa

1. Application through Turkish Missions Abroad

Travelers can apply for a transit visa through Turkish embassies or consulates in their home country or country of residence. The application typically Enter Turkey with Schenegen Visa involves completing a visa application form and providing necessary documentation.

2. Electronic Visa (e-Visa)

Some travelers may be eligible to apply for a transit e-Visa online through the official Republic of Turkey Electronic Visa Application System ( The e-Visa is available for selected nationalities and allows for a streamlined application process.

Essential Requirements for Transit Visa Application

1. Passport or Travel Document

Applicants must submit a valid passport or travel document with a validity period extending beyond the intended transit duration.

2. Travel Itinerary

Travelers should provide a detailed travel itinerary, including flight or transportation details for entering and exiting Turkey.

3. Visa for Final Destination

If required, travelers must hold a valid visa for their final destination beyond Turkey.

Key Considerations for Transit Visa Application

1. Processing Time

Travelers are advised to apply for the transit visa well in advance of their intended travel dates to allow for sufficient processing time.

2. Entry Requirements

Familiarize yourself with Turkey’s entry requirements, including any health protocols or customs regulations, to ensure a smooth transit experience.

3. Duration of Stay

Transit visa holders are only permitted to remain in Turkey for the specified duration necessary for transit purposes.


In conclusion, obtaining a transit visa for Turkey is essential for travelers passing through the country en route to their final destination. By understanding the types of transit visas available, eligibility criteria, application procedures, and essential requirements, travelers can navigate the process with ease and ensure a seamless transit experience in Turkey.