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A Guide to Obtaining a Saudi Visa for UK Residents for a 90-Day Stay



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Saudi Arabia, with its rich cultural heritage, bustling cities, and breathtaking landscapes, offers a plethora of experiences for travelers from around the world. For UK residents looking to explore Saudi Arabia for an extended stay of up to 90 days, obtaining a Saudi visa is the essential first step. In this guide, we’ll provide a comprehensive SAUDI VISA FOR UK RESIDENTS FOR 90 DAYS overview of the Saudi visa application process tailored specifically for UK residents.

Understanding the Saudi Visa Process

Types of Visas

Saudi Arabia offers various types of visas to cater to different purposes of travel, including:

  • Tourist Visa: For leisure travel and exploration of Saudi Arabia’s attractions.
  • Business Visa: For conducting business activities and attending meetings or conferences.
  • Work Visa: For individuals seeking employment opportunities in Saudi Arabia.
  • Family Visit Visa: For visiting family members residing in Saudi Arabia.

Eligibility Criteria

Before applying for a Saudi visa, UK residents must ensure they meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Valid Passport: The passport must be valid for at least six months beyond the intended stay in Saudi Arabia.
  • Purpose of Visit: Clearly define the purpose of the visit, whether it’s for tourism, business, work, or family visit.
  • Financial Sufficiency: Demonstrate sufficient funds to cover expenses during the stay in Saudi Arabia.
  • Health Requirements: Some visas may require medical examinations or vaccinations.

Applying for a Saudi Visa

Step-by-Step Guide

Choose the Correct Visa Type

Identify the type of visa that aligns with the purpose of your visit to Saudi Arabia for a 90-day stay.

Online Application Submission

Access the official website of the Saudi Ministry of Foreign SAUDI ARABIA MARINE VISA Affairs or the Saudi eVisa portal to complete the online visa application form.

Personal Information

Enter personal details accurately, including full name, date of birth, nationality, passport information, and contact details.

Purpose of Visit

Provide details about the purpose of the visit to Saudi Arabia, including the duration of stay and intended activities.

Supporting Documents

Upload scanned copies of the passport bio-data page, recent passport-sized photograph, travel itinerary, proof of accommodation, and any additional documents required for the chosen visa category.

Payment of Fees

Pay the visa application fee using a valid credit or debit card. Once payment is confirmed, submit the application.

After Submitting Your Application

Application Processing

The Saudi authorities will process the visa application. Processing time may vary depending on the type of visa and individual circumstances.

Visa Approval

Upon approval, receive the Saudi visa electronically via email or through the Saudi eVisa portal. Review visa details carefully, including validity period and any conditions.

Traveling to Saudi Arabia

Carry a printed copy of the approved Saudi visa and the passport when traveling to Saudi Arabia. Present these documents to immigration officials upon arrival.

Conclusion: Embarking on Your Saudi Journey

Obtaining a Saudi visa opens doors to incredible experiences and opportunities in this dynamic country. By following the steps outlined in this guide and adhering to the visa application process, UK residents can embark on their journey to Saudi Arabia with confidence, ready to explore all that this captivating destination has to offer.

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